Three Oaks Cider

Three Oaks Cider is a South Australian family owned range of premium alcoholic apple & pear ciders made in the highly regarded winemaking region of McLaren Vale, SA. The best ingredients are sourced from around the world to make this unique product.

Three Oaks Cider is a crisp and refreshing alcoholic cider and is a great alternative to beer or wine on those warm afternoons when the occasion calls for something a little lighter. The product is handcrafted by winemakers and is a blend of the best apples and pears available

Three Oaks Cider Original

Three Oaks Cider Original shows inviting aromas resembling a barrel of fresh
granny smith apples complimented by hints of tropical passionfruit and nashi pear.
The palate is complex and well balanced. The crisp acidity and clean finish make this
the perfect choice for those who don’t like their cider too sweet.

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Three Oaks Cider Dry

Three Oaks Cider Dry is ideal for those who feel like a fresher alternative to beer. The aromas show subtle characters of fresh apples and is balanced by a complex and dry palate.

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Three Oaks Cider Sweet

Three Oaks Cider Sweet shows inviting aromas of sweet pink lady apples.
For those who enjoy a more traditional style of cider, the palate shows sweeter and
more tropical aromas and are balanced with crisp acidity making it a fresh alternative.

Three Oaks Original Pear

Three Oaks Original Pear Cider displays an abundance of Green Anjou and Nashi Pear aromas, supported by ripe apple characters and underlying tropical notes.
The palate is smooth and complex with well balanced sweetness. The crisp acidity and clean finish make it a perfect drink for those long hot summer days!

Three Oaks Cider Original Can

Three Oaks Original cans are a unique pack format in the cider category offering convenience to consumers. Considerable work has been undertaken to ensure the same quality flavor is maintained in the can. The Three Oaks Cider can is a great alternative for venues where glass restrictions exist. Available in Three Oaks original Cider Apple & Three Oaks Original Pear.

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