Queen Adelaide

In 1836, the first settlers arrived in South Australia and the new Governor, Captain John Hindmarsh, requested permission to name the new city after King William IV of England. The King suggested it be named “Adelaide” after his Queen and the main street was given the name of King William. In 1858, Osmond Gilles, the first Treasurer of South Australia planted a vineyard in Glen Osmond then shortly after the brand ‘Woodley’ was created. In 1953, Woodley used an engraving of German-born Queen Adelaide on his high end claret. The Queen Adelaide portrait was re-introduced in 1963 as the label for Woodley’s new Queen Adelaide range, which was an immediate success and went on to become a famous Australian wine.

Queen Adelaide Brut 750mL

The Queen Adelaide Brut displays fresh fruit characters of apple, lemon and melon, complemented by a floral bouquet, balanced acidity and a refreshing finish.

Enjoy served with fresh barbecued seafood.

Queen Adelaide Sauvignon Blanc 750mL

The Queen Adelaide Sauvignon Blanc displays a bouquet of passionfruit, green apple and herbaceous characters that are well supported with a clean dry finish.

Enjoy served with grilled chicken breast and Moroccan spices.

Queen Adelaide Pinot Grigio 750mL

The Queen Adelaide Pinot Grigio displays an aromatic bouquet of honeydew, melon, pineapple and honeysuckle with a crisp and fresh finish.

Enjoy served with grilled chicken breast and Moroccan spices.

Queen Adelaide Riesling 750mL

The Queen Adelaide Riesling displays fresh aromas of lime and grapefruit overlayed with floral characters and enhanced with tropical fruit flavours.

Enjoy served with grilled Barramundi and Thai spices.

Queen Adelaide Chardonnay 750mL

The Queen Adelaide Chardonnay displays fresh melon and tropical fruit aromas with soft, generous flavours and a crisp acidity providing a refreshing finish.

Serve with grilled Atlantic salmon and steamed vegetables.

Queen Adelaide Cabernet Merlot 750mL

The Queen Adelaide Cabernet Merlot displays blackcurrant, plum and blackberry flavours on the palate layered with a subtle oak influence.

Best enjoyed with grilled chicken and roasted Mediterranean vegetables.

Queen Adelaide Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL

The Queen Adelaide Cabernet Sauvignon displays intense blackcurrant, raspberry and plum aromas supported by a medium body and velvety finish.

Enjoy served with rosemary infused lamb cutlets and crispy roasted potatoes.

Queen Adelaide Shiraz Cabernet 750mL

The Queen Adelaide Shiraz Cabernet display’s pronounced blackberry aromas and rich spicy fruit, supported by soft tannins for a lengthy finish.

Enjoy served with slow cooked lamb shanks on a bed of mashed potato.

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Queen Adelaide Tawny 750mL

The Queen Adelaide Tawny is rusty brown in colour with fruity, nutty, caramel, honeycomb and toffee aromas complemented with a smooth finish.

Enjoy served with a rich chocolate cake or your favourite dessert.

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